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Do You Want More Home For Your Money. Our private builder service can build you a spectacular residence in Wembley Downs


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Where are you at in your Wembley Downs building plans?

No matter how far along you are in your Wembley Downs home design or development plans, we can add value to your project.  Our goal is to get you the highest quality home and garden for your budget and to maximise your families lifestyle.

We do this by being creative in the way we design your living spaces, the materials we use and the technologies we build with. 

Home Innovation Builders or HIB has Innovation at the heart of what we do and we work with you all the way to give you the finished product you dreamed of.

Building a new home in Wembley Downs, especially your dream home can be daunting so we work with you in a collaborative and ongoing manner to understand, design, re-design, price and deliver your wish list for comfortably stunning living spaces.

Why choose us as your private builder for Wembley Downs?

There are many reasons to choose Julian and Vivian of Home Innovation Builders as your private builder in Wembley Downs.  Firstly we understand that you have your own unique vision of the place you wish to create. You also have your own unique style with specific design likes and dislikes. 

We pride ourselves on being a responsive soundboard for your ideas and then bringing these to life, firstly on paper, then in 3d walkthroughs and finally in real life.  There are thousands of decisions to be made and a tried and proven process to follow which we know well. 

We work extremely well to meet deadlines, avoid dead building time, and deliver your home without delay.



Fixed Price - Budgeting what it will cost to build is not always simple and often it is confusing. Different builders have different inclusions, and site costs can push your budget beyond expectations.

HIB as a private builder of Wembley Downs residences can alleviate the stress of unexpected costs, as well as provide clear inclusions documentation.



Price to a Specification- As private builder's - Home Innovation Builders can design to a budget or price to a specification. 

The reality is we are always doing both for you to get the most house and living space for the best value.  We enjoy working out with you how to get what you want.



Timeless Design - Everyone knows that interior styles change and what is in trend now may not necessarily be popular in 10 years. It can be difficult when investing in property to stay up to date when interior design styles are in constant fluctuation. Our turn-key homes are designed by professional stylists with good knowledge and experience in what can last.

However, your style is what we care and you should always try to bring your own personal flair to the design table. We always listen and work together with you to make your vision come to life.  HIB as Wembley Downs private builder's are always excited by the challenge of exploring new ideas in design.

Easy Styling - Express your personality through the styling of your home. It is easy to reflect your style. So whether you like minimal aesthetic, bright colours or an industrial look anything is possible. We'' enjoy the process of helping you pick what best suits your Wembley Downs home.



Building Inspections - Quality is very important for us and we have building inspections conducted throughout the building process. This means you have peace of mind that your Wembley Downs private builder will ensure that your home will not only be beautiful but standards compliant as well.

Here are some of the other types of houses our experienced team can build:



We are a local family run business providing private builder services. Other Wembley Downs businesses to check out:

Have questions about our private builder? Please don't hesitate to call us on 0431 214 972 or fill out our contact form to ask any questions you have. Julian and Vivien are happy to answer questions and conduct a Wembley Downs site visit to discuss your build project.


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Residential Property

Margaret River Home

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We had a wonderful experience with Julian and Vivian as our builder. Our project was handled from start to finish with attention to detail and constant communication.  We have been absolutely thrilled with the build process and build quality.

Jim & Yvonne

Residential Property

Burns Beach Home

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Julian and Vivian were so helpful in creating a beautiful design that absolutely suits our lifestyle. Their turn-key service was amazing as all we had to do was move in and start enjoying our new home. We highly recommend Julian and Vivian's services.

Cletus D'Cunha

Current Projects Underway


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We have a number of projects underway at the moment. Several steel framed development /investments in Margaret River as well as a luxury 3 level beachside home in Mindarie. Check out the gallery section to see how construction is progressing.

Vivian Van Der Spuy

Recent Projects